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A few words about Erasmus+

The European Union’s Erasmus+ programme is a funding scheme to support activities in the fields of Education, Training, Youth and Sport.

The Programme is made up of three so-called “Key Actions” and two additional actions. Key action 1 (KA1) supports mobility in education and aims to bring long lasting benefits to the teachers and schools involved.

Inspired by attending Erasmus+ KA1 seminars, I started to write and facilitate my own Erasmus+ teacher training courses covering topics relating to ICT and creative approaches to education. CodeNPlay is the hosting organisation of my current Erasmus+ activities:

4Cing ICT in your classroom

The course aims to provide teaching approaches and strategies where ICT tools can be used to facilitate the cultivation and development of those four key competences in the classroom. Primary and secondary school teachers and educators of all subjects are encouraged to participate. 

Key competencies are those that they make a considerable and measurable contribution to academic attainment, relationships, employment and wellbeing. This course focuses on four key 21st Century competences, which are known as “the 4Cs”. These are critical thinking, creative thinking, collaboration and communication.

Course Objectives:

The course aims to increase participants’ awareness of the following matters:

  • Developing critical minds with ICT 
  • Fostering creative expression with ICT
  • ICT tools for the collaborative classroom
  • ICT for Effective communication
  • The role of ICT in the development of intercultural awareness
  • The benefits of ICT in school partnerships
  • Promoting the exchange of ideas and teaching experiences between participants from different European countries 
  • Encouraging future Erasmus+ partnerships 


Our main priority is to promote cooperation between teachers from different European countries. Most of the course sessions will take place in a conference room, but there will also be a few outdoor activities in the city centre. We will stay committed to learning by doing, an approach that CodeNPlay has long applied. 


All participants will receive a questionnaire by email, which they will be asked to complete in order to give us an idea about their educational needs and expectations from the course. This will enable the course instructors to deliver the course in ways that best suit the participants. Instructions and course material will be provided during the course.

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