What do I do?

Ilias Papadopoulos

Tuition in ICT, Computer Programming and Maths

A few words about my work

A teaching professional for seventeen years, I aim for the development of creative, analytical and critical thinking.

Subjects such as ICT, computer programming and maths can be linked to real-world situations, facilitate the development of the above skills and prepare young learners for the challenges of the 21st Century.

My approach is focused on inquiry-based and student-centred learning in order to best meet the individual educational needs of diverse learners. I design and deliver interactive, fun and engaging lessons to instil a love for those subjects. Learners are given many opportunities for creative expression as I design lessons and projects around their specific interests.

As a private tutor, I offer support at primary and secondary school level in ICT, Computing and maths. I also design and facilitate courses for young learners and adults in ICT and computer programming.

In primary and secondary schools, I deliver the computing curriculum on an hourly basis. I also offer extra-curricular clubs and holiday courses (“stages“).

My courses
Games, animations and interactive stories with Scratch

Learners become accustomed to computational thinking by creating their own games, animations and interactive stories on Scratch.

Create fun games and interactive programs in Python

Participants are familiarised with the Python programming language by building interactive programs, animations and games.

Java programming fundamentals in Alice and Eclipse

This course is designed for learners who aim to build strong computer programming skills. The Alice programming environment is very well suited for beginners. Eclipse is a powerful and advanced text editor with many tools which facilitate the composition and execution of JAVA programs.

Make your own fun Android apps with MIT App Inventor

App Inventor provides a visual programming environment that allows us to build fully functional apps for smartphones and tablets.

Python Programming: From beginners to advanced learners

Python is a language that is easy to pick up whether you are a programmer with little experience or you are advanced with other programming languages.

Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Teams and Access

Microsoft Office Suite is a platform which plays a significant role in increasing productivity at home and in the workplace. This course aims to develop essential and advanced skills in Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Teams and Access.


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